Poll: will Rahm let the public in on city government?

25 04 2011

Listen to some news about Chicago Reader reporter Mick Dumke below and then vote in the poll!

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Gapers Block founder Andrew Huff discusses a new look for his hyperlocal blog

11 04 2011

By Lisa Klein

Hyperlocal blog Gapers Block, the first city blog to hit Chicago in 2003, is overhauling its website to look better, especially from the front page, according to co-founder Andrew Huff.

Huff hopes the redesign will bump up readership, helping to generate enough ad revenue to allow him to work on Gapers Block full time. The site currently has about 250,000 viewers a month – 90,000 of them unique.

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Message to today’s journalists: Know how to do it all

4 04 2011

By Lisa Klein

If there’s one piece of advice that all budding journalists should follow, it might be ‘know how to do everything.’ Online news sources are replacing traditional media, and according to Vadim Lavrusik of Mashable, successful journalists now need the skills to put together every kind of story package out there and then some.

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