Gentrification in Uptown Threatens Diversity

23 05 2011
The Uptown Theatre – on the U.S. register of historic places – has been closed since 1981. (Photo by James Mazurek)

Audio Slideshow – Aqueela Ali talks about diversity and gentrification in Uptown.

By Lisa Klein and James Mazurek

“On the north side, Uptown is the biggest melting pot of any neighborhood,” said Rick Addy, owner of Shake, Rattle and Read, a 45-year-old business in the area. “I like the mix of people.”

A 2008 study by the Chaddick Institute at DePaul University combining ethnicity, income and age that was the most diverse neighborhood in Chicago.

“We have a lot of diversity in the type of people who live here, which is a good thing,” said Bill Petty, president of Buena Park Neighbors (BPN), a resident’s organization. Petty moved to Uptown two years ago from Nebraska.

Aqueela Ali, a tenant leader with the Northside Tenant Action Coalition (NTAC) who’s lived in Uptown for 33 years, said there are 72 different ethnicities represented in her building alone. She credited this for shaping the way her children learned to appreciate different people.

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Poll: will Rahm let the public in on city government?

25 04 2011

Listen to some news about Chicago Reader reporter Mick Dumke below and then vote in the poll!

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Still no arrests for 2009 Lincoln Park muggings

15 04 2011

By Lisa Klein

In the summer of 2009, a series of robberies occurred in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. Police have made no arrests to date for any of the incidents, although they say that five of the seven are linked.

In all of the attacks, the victim was a man in his early to mid-20s and was walking alone. Each man was approached from behind by at least four men on foot, also in their 20s, asked for his wallet and then beaten in the head and face. Two of the victims were hospitalized.

The victim of one of the attacks (on North Cleveland Avenue) identified one of his attackers in a physical lineup, but the suspect was released due to lack of evidence.

*All information from Chicago Police Department records

Gapers Block founder Andrew Huff discusses a new look for his hyperlocal blog

11 04 2011

By Lisa Klein

Hyperlocal blog Gapers Block, the first city blog to hit Chicago in 2003, is overhauling its website to look better, especially from the front page, according to co-founder Andrew Huff.

Huff hopes the redesign will bump up readership, helping to generate enough ad revenue to allow him to work on Gapers Block full time. The site currently has about 250,000 viewers a month – 90,000 of them unique.

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